Garage Pads

Elevate your garage with Zaid Concrete & Excavating. Our skilled team ensures top-notch concrete pad replacement, enhancing your home's value and functionality.

Basement Floors

Upgrade your basement with Zaid Concrete & Excavating. We provide reliable concrete floors that last. Our team ensures proper prep for a durable finish. Let us enhance your basement!

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate highlights the natural beauty of stone with its textured, attractive, and durable surface. Available in various colors, it can enhance any outdoor space, from walkways to patios. Whatever your vision, we can create something stunning that you'll love.

Concrete Patios Winnipeg

We're experts in the business of creating outdoor spaces that are as stylish as they are functional. Whether you're dreaming of a cozy backyard retreat, a spacious entertainment area, or a tranquil oasis to soak up the sun, we've got the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life.

ICF Foundations Winnipeg

No matter the size, style, or climate, when you choose to build with Logix ICFs, you get a stronger, more resilient, and more energy-efficient home than the typical wood-framed home design can provide! Building with Logix ICFs significantly reduces your consumption of natural resources while surrounding your family with unsurpassed comfort and safety.

Stamped Concrete Winnipeg

Thinking of getting stamped color concrete? Don't settle for plain when you can have stamped concrete that's both durable and stylish. Choose Zaid Concrete for surfaces that stand out.

Concrete Sidewalks Winnipeg

Are you tired of walking on cracked and uneven sidewalks? Our Concrete Sidewalks service isn't just about laying down concrete; it's about making strong and stylish pathways. Get ready to walk confidently with our sturdy sidewalks.

Concrete Driveways Winnipeg

Make your driveway stand out with Zaid Concrete. Our concrete driveways make a statement, last long, and add personality to your home's exterior. Contact us today to start building your dream driveway!

Conventional Foundations Winnipeg

At Zaid Concrete, we don't just pour concrete; we lay the groundwork for your dreams, quite literally. Whether you're building your dream home or an office space we've got your back. And your foundation.

Concrete Pads & Concrete Slabs Winnipeg

If you are looking for concrete slabs that would win in any concrete convention, look no further! Zaid Concrete is here to bring life and style to your concrete pads and concrete slabs in Winnipeg.